Maglev Gadget: Surrealistic Futuristic Magnetic Levitation

Maglev Gadget: Surrealistic Futuristic Magnetic Levitation


Have you ever dreamt of hovering freely above the ground to your heart’s content with a wide grin on your face as “normal” people look at you in awe and amazement? Well, unless you’re a real magician that dream won’t be a reality. However, objects can be made to levitate with a method called magnetic levitation. Before we dive into maglev gadgets, let’s take a look at some background story about how maglev gadget came about.

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Maglev Gadget

Little Stuff About Maglev Tech

Magnetic levitation or maglev’s first use was in transportation, precisely in trains with the first invented by Alfred Zehden a German in 1902 with the first one built in Hamburg, Germany but was closed months later.

However English inventor Eric Laithwaite is recognized as “the father of maglev” with the first rideable train based on maglev invented by him in 1984 in Birmingham, England.

For maglev to work, 2 issues must be resolved;

  • Providing an upward force sufficient to oppose gravity.
  • Ensuring that the system does not fall into a situation where the upward force is neutralized.

This is unattainable unless paramagnetic materials like ferromagnetic iron are used as Samuel Earnshaw’s theorem proves. However, the use of superconductor systems which use eddy current diamagnetic materials or servomechanisms allow stability to be achieved.

For a successful levitation and complete control of all 360 degrees of freedom (6 axes), a combination of permanent magnets and either electromagnets, diamagnets or superconductors including attractive and repulsive fields can be used. From Earnshaw’s law, there must be at least one stable axis existing in the system for it to levitate successfully but the rest can be stabilized with the use of ferromagnetism.

Trains were the first commercial product using maglev and due to this, trains have become the most common application of this technology. However, maglev technology has had many other applications than just in maglev trains as we are about to see in the following paragraphs of this article.

Cool Maglev Gadgets You Can Buy Online Now!!!

ICE Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Maglev Gadget

ICE Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Maglev Gadget
Image Source: Amazon Best
Maglev Gadget

Are you tired of the usual Bluetooth speakers? Do you feel your home or office needs some touch of sci-fi goodness to it? Look no further, the ice orb is guaranteed to satisfy both your inner Star Wars and want for a different cooler era of Bluetooth speakers.

Like its peers, it plays music via Bluetooth and unlike its peers well if you haven’t read the name yet it FLOATS and does so using maglev with base responsible for the orbs levitation.

It equally boasts of impressive qualities such as 360-degree sound quality and long battery life.

When you buy a speaker, good sound quality is at top of list of expectations. The ICE speaker got the memo! As the ICE orb has an impressive sound quality. The sound comes out via the orb, the spherical part of the whole portable Bluetooth speaker and due to its spherical shape sound can be heard at 360-degrees.

Meaning you will hear clear detailed sound with clean output and no distortions even at max volume. The orb can deliver sound either floating on its base part or as a standalone portable Bluetooth speaker. Although a little-noticed flaw was a weak bass output.

The ICE orb is built with a rechargeable battery which boasts an impressive 10-hour uptime. The base serves as a charging dock and when connected to a direct power source, it can charge other devices via USB connection. Are you blown away yet?

It goes without saying that the ICE orb has a very unique design. Before it when you’re looking to get a new Bluetooth speaker you’re more often than not faced with the usual rectangular , circular or box-shaped options. Fear not, the ICE orb is here with a different kind of structural flavor.

It is designed with the standalone orb where the sound is produced and a 25mm thick circular base on which the orb floats.

Here are some steps to use the ICE orb:

Press and hold the power key located on the orb for 5 seconds to turn it on.

Press and hold the Bluetooth connect key (located next to the power key) for 5 seconds to turn on Bluetooth mode.

Search for the Bluetooth device on your smartphone/tablet, select “ICE Orb” and pair with the device.

If your device has the NFC function, put the device close to the NFC point located on top of the orb for 3 seconds.

The orb will pair with the device automatically and you can now listen to the music on the paired device through the orb.

To disconnect from the current device, press and hold the Bluetooth connect key for 5 seconds.

  1. Press and hold the power key located on the orb for 5 seconds to turn it on.
  2. Press and hold the Bluetooth connect key (located next to the power key) for 5 seconds to turn on Bluetooth mode.
  3. Search for the Bluetooth device on your smartphone/tablet, select “ICE Orb” and pair with the device.
  4. If your device has the NFC function, put the device close to the NFC point located on top of the orb for 3 seconds.
  5. The orb will pair with the device automatically and you can now listen to the music on the paired device through the orb.
  6. To disconnect from the current device, press and hold the Bluetooth connect key for 5 seconds.

We’ve put together an overview of the specs, pros and cons below.

Comes with a Dynamic Stabilization mechanism to indicate the stability of the orb using the four blue indicatorsCool levitating featureNo bass response
battery duration after a full charge is 10 hourslong battery lifeMore complex then your standard Bluetooth speaker
Bluetooth 4.1Charging dock can charge other devices
Speaker Orb dimensions: 85 mm in diameterHas an NFC function
Base dimensions: 150 mm in diameter and 25 mm in height
orb weight: 280g
Base weight: 645g
10 meters wireless range
Orb power input: 5V, 1A
Base USB port output: 5V, 1A
Base power input: 12V, 1.5A
ICE Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Maglev Gadget

The ICE orb is a big step forward in technology a must-have if you wish to try something new in your quest for a convenient portable Bluetooth speaker.

Flyte Lyfe Flower Pot Maglev Gadget

Flyte Lyfe Flower Pot Maglev Gadget
Image Source: archiproducts
Maglev Gadget

The plants and flowers nowadays don’t seem to get much credit as beautiful decorations. Do you feel your plant or flower deserves more than it deserves? Then look no further, Flyte got you hovered with LYFE.

Designed in Sweden by FLYTE, LYFE consists of a flower pot that hovers over an oak base via, you guessed it!!! Maglev.

So it’s just a hovering flower pot then right? Wrong. Studies have shown that magnetic fields have a positive effect on plant growth and health, meaning your plant or flower will be better off in LYFE than in your standard plant pot.

The base is 6 inches wide, 1.5 inches thick and weighs about 45.8 ounces. The base is made from oak and enables the pot (which is 3.1 inches high and 3.9 inches wide weighing in at 8.5 ounces) to hover in above “base level”. This pot is available in a wide variety of colours and shades to choose from.

Its second most impressive feature is the well-designed drainage system that allows water to pass through to a hidden inner reservoir in case of over-watering.

The pot is made of silicone, making it easy for gripping and handling. As the pot rotates mid-air, different colour shades appear, providing a beautiful sight in your home or office.

An overview of the LYFE can be seen below.

Base dimensions: 6 inches x 6 inches x 1.5 inchesThe magnetic field has a positive impact on the plant’s growthConsumes power unlike your standard flower pot
base weight: 1.3gCool levitating feature
Pot dimensions: 80 mm x 100 mmPrevents overflow of water due to its impressive drainage system
Pot weight: 240g
AC adapter Input: 100-240V
AC adapter output: 15V 1A
Flyte Lyfe Flower Pot Maglev Gadget

As a plant lover, I must say the LYFE is a healthy option for your plant or flower and completely outclasses the standard clay pot. Moreover, a hovering flower pot would look beautiful in any home or office.

Chessboard Maglev Gadget

Chessboard Maglev Gadget
Image Source: Mepits
Maglev Gadget

Chess hasn’t been up there in the list of exciting games and some people relate it as a “geek exclusive” game given how much thinking must be done when moving your chess piece. However, chess is about to reach another level of cool heights thanks to the maglev-inspired Levitating chessboard.

It is simply as the name suggests, a levitating chessboard and can be used while it levitates.

Created by Crealev, it is made of a base and a carrier. The base and the carrier working together can levitate up to 4 kg weight at about 1.1 inches above its base level.

This module is the void71 with 71mm (2.8 inches) as its max height. There are other modules capable of levitating from featherweights to stones or even bowling balls and are exclusively sold at Crealev’s website.

Crealev advises that since the base and carriers contain powerful magnets, sensitive devices such as credit cards should be kept a good 2 inches away from the system.

An overview of this product can be seen below.

Base dimensions: 284 mm x 38 mmMulti-functionalThe magnets can destroy sensitive devices too close to it
Carrier dimensions: 180 mm x 19 mmVery broad weight range across the different models
Two-pin EU standard electrical plug (US power plug optional)Minimal power consumption
Adapter voltage input: 100-240V
Adapter voltage output: 19V; 6A peak
Power consumption (rest position): 10W
Chessboard Maglev Gadget

It is a cool way to play a serious game such as chess, not obligatory if you’re genuinely contented with ground-level chess wars but given that the modules on Crealev are not only meant for chess, grabbing one to levitate an object of choice wouldn’t be a bad idea now would it?

Innovative Stereoscopic Mood Light Maglev Gadget

Innovative Stereoscopic Mood Light Maglev Gadget
Image Source: Trend Hunter
Maglev Gadget

Among the elite in the 3D Illusion lamps collection, it provides mind-turning lighting and is a perfect decorative piece for your home or office. It has an automatic colour changing mode with 7 colours gradually and constantly changing. Each colour bringing in a unique feel to the environment. A single colour can be maintained by pressing the touch button.

This lamp makes for a perfect gift anyone.

Delorean Time Machine Model Maglev Gadget

Delorean Time Machine Model Maglev Gadget
Image Source: benocehcap
Maglev Gadget

Inspired by the sci-fi comedy Back to the future part 2, kids logic created the time machine in the film in a very special way.

At 22 cm long, this beauty comes with a magnetic base which allows it to levitate. The doors, unlike most vintage toy cars, are openable. The wheels can be changed and moved to recreate the normal scene or the flying scene. The magnetic base equally has a light-up function.

A full overview of the Delorean is shown below.

Time machine length: 22 cmImpressive effects give the user a feel of the movieA bit too complex for a kids toy
Openable doors and changeable wheelsMinimal power consumptionpossible risk if the kid wanders curiously to the power source
More than 10 LED light-up features
Magnetic floating base comes with light-up function.
magnetic base input: 100-240V, 0.6 A
Magnetic base output: 15V, 1A
Delorean Time Machine Model Maglev Gadget

Growing up, the toys I had really couldn’t hover or fly therefore my hand was the pilot/driver and my mouth was a makeshift engine so the fact that the time machine not only hovers to the future it gives kids the chance to “drive to the past” .

Lamp Maglev Gadget

Lamp Maglev Gadget
Image Source: PR Newswire
Maglev Gadget

Lamps in the modern age come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Despite the variety, one which has a floating bulb remains a rare and impressive sight to most of us.

The magnetic floating lamp manufactured by Gleagle perhaps isn’t the first of its kind but is featured here nonetheless as the other selected gadgets because it uses maglev technology.

It has a wooden base and a curved stainless steel stem which has a magnetic tip made of ABS to enable it to levitate at about 15 mm from the stem tip.

To use it, place the base on a flat table and plug in the power, then hold the bulb close to the suspension device (the tip of the stem precisely), you can then gently let go when you feel its floating.

What if there’s a power failure? Wouldn’t the bulb simply shatter on the ground, as it won’t be able to float? Don’t worry, in case of a power failure the suspension device draws the bulb to itself to prevent it from falling cool right?

Check out a complete overview below.

Base dimensions: 160 x 110 x 22 mmCool maglev featureMore complex to set up than normal lamps
Base input: 100-240V ACGreat gift for love onesBulb risks shattering if it’s not placed properly such that it levitates
Balance point is 2 cm below the top device
Bulb is powered through induction
Lamp Maglev Gadget

Most lamps are designed not only to give light but to serve as a decoration to beautify the household, and it’s safe to say floating lamps nail it.

Woodlev Maglev Levitron Globe

Image Source: worthpoint
Maglev Gadget

Imagine having the world in front of you with the feel of it rotating in space then stop imagining and consider getting yourself a woodlev maglev levitating globe.

This 6-inch globe comes with a magnetic base which enables it to float using maglev technology. To use it, just connect the base to a power source and place the globe gently over the base. Let go gently when you feel it floating.

Check out a complete overview of the levitation globe below.

Globe parameters: 6 inches diameter; 32 cm cube volume weighing about 1.2 kgIts light weight and small size makes it very portableA bit difficult to get the globe levitating
Adapter input: 100 – 240 V ACGreat designCamourflaged power button
Adapter output: 12 V
UFO-style base
LED light use
Woodlev Maglev Levitron Globe

The globe size is very convenient, small enough to be on a table yet imposing enough not to be mistaken for a child’s mini house piece.

This is a very interesting piece of hardware which we have already extensively talked about in this article, which you may want to check out.

The Oak Bottle Cup Maglev Gadget

The Oak Bottle Cup Maglev Gadget
Image Source: Trend Hunter
Maglev Gadget

Class exists in everything in life, even what holds your drink. What could be classier than a default wine glass, if you may ask? The Oak bottle levitating cup by Oak bottle is probably an answer to that question.

The beverage cup of the future is here and comes with its throne which enables it to hover as it looks at its peers in disdain.

It can hold up to 10.5 fluid ounces of liquid and is made up of plastic. To use it, connect the base to a power source and gently place the cup at the middle of the base.

Check out an overview of the above gadget below.

Cup is made of plasticA classy drink-wearConsumes more power than normal coasters
Cup can hold up to 10.5 fluid ounces of liquidThe magnetic field keeps the cup steady so an accidental push won’t tip the cup overNeeds care when placing the cup on the base
A careless move could prove fatal
The Oak Bottle Cup Maglev Gadget

Shoe Display Maglev Gadget

Image Source: Christian Flores
Maglev Gadget

For a shoe store, how you display those sneakers matters in its own right. From shoe rackets to individual footholds, the footwears are always grounded. So, how about displaying your shoes in mid-air? Cool right? Hypelev got you covered with their levitating shoe display.

This shoe display is very cool and can hold sneakers size 15 US men and sneakers with weights up to 1kg.

To use this gadget, connect the shoe display to a power source then place the magnet in the shoe at the heel (be careful the magnets are very powerful and should be handled with care). Finally, place the shoe close to the inner top of the device gently and only let go when you feel it floating.

A full overview of this gadget can be seen below.

Cup is made of plasticWorks for all enclosed footwearA very expensive exhibition optio if you have more than a shoe to display specially
Device dimensions: 19 x 10.5 x 3.4 inchesClassy way to display a special sneaker or footwearConsumes power although not a colossal amount, it’s a disadvantage considering normal foot holds don’t need power
Can suspend up to 1kg of weight
Adapter output: 12V
LED lighting
Shoe Display Maglev Gadget

It might be a very cool device but unless your boutique is a high earning one you shouldn’t be looking to buy hundreds of this device as it’s a more expensive alternative to shoe rackets. It’s also cool for private use.

Wireless Charging Maglev Gadget

Image Source: Insider
Maglev Gadget

The OvRcharge maglev charger is a holy combination of wireless charging and magnetic levitation, which will get your smartphone looking like it’s under the influence of a Wingardium Leviosa spell.

Both the charging system and the maglev system are in a sleek wooden base and makes use of inductive charging and magnetic levitation to make your phone rotate as it charges.

Along with the maglev base, is a special case for the phone to allow this combination to work efficiently. The case has a magnet that will push against the base to make it levitate and also has an induction receiver for charging wirelessly.

Check out a full overview below.

Base size dimensions: 140 mm x 140 mm x 33 mmWide variety of phones it can chargethe special cases are limited in terms of model variety
base output: 500mAhVery attractive design
Phone usage while on charge is very limited
Wireless Charging Maglev Gadget

The charger stops charging your phone when it is 100%, but your phone remains mid-air probably till Harry returns to undo his spell or until you remove the power source.

Conclusion on Maglev Gadget

In the journey to the peak of technology, maglev has aged well and proven to be an important right step in the right direction.

The gadgets above all have something in common. Aside from magnetic levitation, they all aim to make life cool and more convenient. These gadgets possess technology with magic feel.

We will appreciate having your feedback on what you think about these gadgets in the comment section below.

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