Gw190521: Binary Black Hole Merger

The Gw190521 binary black hole merger is a remarkable phenomenon that has been investigated and studied for its implications...

Cryonics in Humans: is it a Myth or Fact?

The problem with preserving a body under low temperatures comes when it is time to defrost the body. Defrosting a body is not exactly like defrosting meat kept in the freezer...

J2157: Black Hole 5 Times the Size of Our Entire Solar System

Astronauts found that the J2157 black hole typically eats the equivalence of a mass of a star every day, explaining its radius of 670 AU. Space specialists and observers have discovered what's most likely...

Maglev Gadget: Surrealistic Futuristic Magnetic Levitation

Cool Maglev Gadget such as Stereoscopic Mood Light, Leviton Globe, Delorean Time Machine Model... Which You Can Buy Online Now!!!

Detecting Exoplanetary Life Using Oxygen

Detecting exoplanetary life using oxygen molecule collisions causing an infrared blockage detected by space telescopes like NASA's James Webb...

World Best Science Fiction Books Everyone Must Read

He finds a starship in a far off province in Cerner, in the nick of time to observe the beginning of the common war... world best science fiction books...

Current and Previous Space Discoveries

Nasa's Mars Curiosity rover sends feedback on having discovered an organic matter... current and previous space discoveries...

The Future Tech Era: What Will Happen As From 2021

''The future tech era potential outcomes and favourable circumstances of these fast-improving modern technology will greatly better our lives''.





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