Tozo T10 Bluetooth Ear Buds 2021 Review

Tozo T10 Bluetooth Ear Buds 2021 Review


If you have ever wanted a pair of performant earbuds, but don’t have enough money to buy the high class and high-end earbuds like the Airpods or the Galaxy Buds, you can always find outstanding alternatives like the Tozo T10 Bluetooth Ear Buds, which have more or less the same level of performance like the Airpods or the Galaxy Buds.

  • Tozo T10 Bluetooth Ear Buds 2020 Review
  • Tozo T10 Bluetooth Ear Buds 2020 Review
  • Tozo T10 Bluetooth Ear Buds 2020 Review
  • Tozo T10 Bluetooth Ear Buds 2020 Review

The 7 Reasons to Buy Tozo T10 in 2020

Below, we are going to give you 7 solid reasons why you should buy these earbuds alternatively to expensive high-end or high-class earbuds in 2020, even though it was released in 2019.

1 – Sound Quality

Tozo T10 earbuds produce Hi-Fi stereo sound quality (provided both for multimedia and calling purposes), and also a produce a deep bass pitch, due to its 8 mm large speaker drive size.

The drive has a total area which is over 1.77 times the default drive area. Both the Hi-Fi stereo sound and great bass pitch combine to immerse the user in a world of one of the best earbuds sound quality.

This pair of earbuds contain a built-in microphone, to permit the user to answer calls or carry out other vocal commands.

Thought the earbuds are quite far from the neck (since they are hung on the ear), the microphone still succeeds to capture the user’s voice adequately, and produce a good vocal output during calls or for other voice commands.

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Tozo T10 Bluetooth Ear Buds 2021 Review

2 – Build Quality and Design

The Tozo T10 earbuds have an excellent build quality, as they are waterproof (IPX8 waterproof), with a charging case inner Nano-coating, which makes it possible to go up to 1 meter deep underwater and last for up to 30 minutes there.

The waterproof is so effective that it permits to user to be able to wash the earbuds and base too.

The earbuds are not only waterproof but also sweat-proof, making them suitable for sports, gym workouts and many other forms exercises.

3 – Portability

The charging case of these earbuds are about 3.302 cm high and 9.144 cm long and weighs only a few grams, which makes it very portable, either in a pocket, a purse or a bag.

4 – Connectivity

Connectivity is the main strength of the Tozo T10. These earbuds use TWS Bluetooth 5.0, which is the latest Bluetooth technology.

The connectivity of the Tozo T10 is so advanced that it supports so many Bluetooth profiles like HSP (Handset Profile), HFP (Hands-Free Profile), A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) and AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile).

Due to these wide Bluetooth profile support range, the Tozo T10 easily connects to its target device in one step, and also automatically connect to each other when both out of their charging box, then display their battery level on their target device.

If you are confused about Bluetooth profiles, you can learn more about the various Bluetooth profiles here.

It should be noted that the Tozo T10 can be paired with many devices, but can only play music from one target device at a time.

Another bonus which comes with these earbuds in terms of its connectivity is the fact that the earbuds are compatible not only with android and windows operating systems but also with IOS operating system, which goes a long way in being a great alternative for those not ready to buy the Air pods.

All these connectivity factors combine to give a fast and steady wireless connection (up to 9.144 meters), without lagging or tangling.

5 – Battery

The battery of the Tozo T10 has a fairly good 4 hours of playtime after a single charge and can last longer (up to 14 hours) when left in its charging case.

6 – Charging

The charging case of the Tozo T10 supports the modern wireless charging system, making it very convenient to charge from a close range without the use of cables.

7 – Price

The Tozo T10 is very affordable, for earbuds of this quality, as they generally cost under $ 50 ($ 39.99 on Amazon and $ 49.99 on eBay).

What Users May Not Like

When it comes to earbuds, there are no perfect earbuds. Just like any other earbud, the Tozo T10 has some little lacking.

The earbuds are good for many sports or exercises, except swimming, since they lack an ear hooking mechanism, making them easily removable by water while swimming.

The Tozo T10 earbuds don’t have a sound/pitch equalizer setting, so users who like to play with those details may have to get some software on their target devices to do it.

Pairing both sides of the earpiece is sometimes a problem, and the effective pairing range (sure range at which both earbuds will pair) is just less than 1 meter.

The standby time of both earbuds is poor, as they can sustain power only for about 2 to 3 days, which is a very low standard, as compared to many other earpieces that fall in its category.

The Tozo t10 has no multimedia controls (commands like play, pause, next, previous and repeat), which can be very frustrating at times since the user always has to use the device multimedia controls.

Pros and Cons Summary

Below is a summary of the pros and cons of the Letscom headphone IPx7.

Overall Rating

Based on this analysis, the Tozo T10 has been given an average rating of 7.3 / 10.


  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Good portability.
  • Excellent connectivity.
  • Good battery.
  • Good charging.
  • Good price.


  • Lack of adequate ear grip.
  • Lack of sound/pitch equalizer.
  • Earbud counterpart short-range pair.
  • Poor standby time.

User Manual

You can learn how to use the Tozo T10 earbuds from here.


The Tozo T10 will be good for both casual and sports activities, due to their wireless connection ability, but not for a very long usage period, due to its average battery playtime.

The Tozo T10 is an excellent earbud at a good price, delivering more or less a similar performance as most top class expensive earbuds, so if you want to economise money on earbuds but still get high performance, you may want to buy the Tozo T10.

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