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Woodlev Maglev Levitation Globe Absolute Review

Woodlev Maglev Levitation Globe Absolute Review


As time passes the world experiences a lot of changes, especially in the technology domain. This pushes us technology folks to daily seek for the latest piece of tech such as the woodlev maglev levitation globe to keep up with tech and not be left behind.

  • Woodlev Maglev Levitation Globe Absolute Review
  • Woodlev Maglev Levitation Globe Absolute Review
  • Woodlev Maglev Levitation Globe Absolute Review
  • Woodlev Maglev Levitation Globe Absolute Review

Maglev tech is very recent and its application at home is even more recent. This kind of technology is not known by many because it was initially made to be used on industrious scales such as that used for trains.

This tech has proven to be reliable and is slowly making its way into our domestic lives in various forms such as maglev tables, maglev glasses, maglev flower pots and so on.


So, the questions you may be asking yourself now is ”what is so special about this particular globe?” or ”why the heck should I buy this globe and not another?”.

Well, we are going to give you 5 solid reasons why you should buy the woodlev magnetic levitation globe.

1 – Design and Appearance

The Woodlev maglev levitation globe is made up of 2 main sections which are;

  • Its lower section (the base).
  • Its upper section (the globe itself).

The upper section is made up of a globe coloured in blue with all the main geographical locations like towns, cities, countries and continents mapped out.

The inside of the globe features a magnet at its bottom which works together with magnets found in the base to keep it rotating and levitating at about 1.5 cm from its base.

The globe spins anti-clockwise by default but can be pushed to turn clockwise.

The inside also has an LED which lights up when activated from the base wirelessly.

Its Lower section is made up of a base coloured with black and covered with a soft material. The base features a soft sensitive power button on its outer surface and a ring LED on its circumference.

The power button operates in four states as seen below;

  • Puts on the base LED when pressed once.
  • Puts on the globe LED when pressed twice.
  • Puts on both the globe and base LEDs when pressed thrice.
  • Puts off all LEDs when pressed the fourth time.

I personally like the fact that the power button has many functions, so that prevents the manufacturers from adding extra buttons and confusing the users.

But the power button is more camouflaged than it is visible because it has neither a clear marking nor distinguished colouring from the rest of the structure’s outer body.

The inside of the base is made up of 4 electromagnets which are constantly powered by a 12 Volt Direct Current power supply.

The magnets in the base are placed in an arrangement which puts 2 magnets with their north poles facing the south poles of the other 2 magnets. These magnets are constantly working with the magnet in the globe to create levitation.

All the components found in the base generate a lot of heat, which explains the presence of a fan in this lower compartment.

Video Source: Strober
Woodlev Maglev Levitation Globe Absolute Review

2 – Build Quality of The Woodlev Maglev Levitation Globe

Woodlev maglev levitation globe and its base are made up of an incredibly hard plastic called ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), which is especially used for automobile parts and building materials.

This permits the globe and its base to be highly resistant to mechanical damage such as falls from heights less than 1 Meter, which is quite good for something which you might not have expected to have any damage resistance.

If you are the kind that worries about your stuff getting damaged in the near future by you or even by kids just playing around, well, I’ll say you have nothing to worry about.

3 – Dimensions and Weight

The Woodlev maglev levitation globe takes up much less space and weighs much less when compared to other electromagnet globes in the market.

It has a diameter of about 15.2 cm producing a total volume of about 32 cm cube with a weight of about 1.2 kg, which you will find very easy to carry around when you need to displace it.

4 – Power Supply System

Woodlev maglev levitation globe has a standard power system which consists of a conducting wire and an Adapter.

The adapter can support Alternating Currents between (AC) from 100 V to 240 V and produce a direct current output of 12 V.

Personally I think this gadget was made to have futuristic looks, but the fact that it uses wires to charge spoils some of the ”WOW” effect.

Also, the base of the globe could have gotten an in-built battery which could sustain it for sometime after it has been disconnected from power, to let the user transport it while it is still levitating.

5 – Sales and Package

The Woodlev maglev levitation globe comes in a package measuring 20.3 cm x 20.3 cm x 20.3 cm giving an overall size of 8365.4 cm cube.

The package features a statement <<The future starts from here>> written on it. In your package you will find;

  • 15.2 cm Diameter Globe.
  • UFO Stylish Base.
  • WOODLEV Cloth.
  • UL Certification Power Supply.

This Gadget has varying prices in the market but generally costs under $ 100.

Image Source: Lucky Penny Shop

Getting Started With The Woodlev Maglev Levitation Globe

Time Needed : 30 minutes

If this is the first time you are using this kind of gadget, then there are a few things you have to know to help you get started since using this gadget can be a little tricky.

So just be patient and follow the steps below, having in mind that when you succeed your globe will float for as long as you want.

  1. Keep Out of Metals

    The whole structure (globe and base) consist of magnets. The functioning of these magnets can be disrupted by the presence of nearby metallic objects.

  2. Use a Flat and Smooth Surface

    The levitation of the globe is quite tricky to get, especially for the 1st time. Even though this globe can levitate with an inclination on its side or upside down, placing the base on a flat and smooth surface can go a long way to help you get started.

  3. Get The Right Levitation Angle and Location

    The next thing to do is to socket your gadget to an AC power output and get the globe levitating. To get the globe levitating, you have to get 2 things right, the levitation location and angle over the base.

    A) To get both right you first have to turn on your globe LED by pressing the power button on the base twice.

    B) Then hold your globe (with your 2 hands preferably) over its base and move it towards the centre of the base until LED in the globe completely lights up.

    This step should be done preferably in a dark room to make it easy for you to see the intensity change in the globes’ LED.

    C) When the globe completely lights up, make sure it is not too close to the base (about 2 cm over the base).

    As soon as you feel the globe is in equilibrium over the base you can leave it to levitate.

  4. Don’t Get Discouraged When Not Succeeding

    It happens most people don’t get it right the first time, just try again but make sure that you take a break after 2 minutes of continuous trial to avoid overheating the base.

What Users May Not Like About The Woodlev Maglev Levitation Globe

  • The Woodlev maglev levitation globe is quite difficult to get floating, especially by new users.
  • The power button of this gadget is camouflaged with the base overall colour.
  • This gadget entirely relies on constant AC input to function, and this limits its displacement.

Pros and Cons Summary of The Woodlev Maglev Levitation Globe

To wrap this up we have grouped together all the Pros and the Cons in a nice summary below.


From a critical analysis, we have given an average rating of 7.2/10 to the Woodlev Maglev Levitation Globe.


  • Good sales package
  • Great design
  • Great appearance
  • Excellent build quality
  • Great economic size
  • Great lightweight
  • Good enough power supply system

Cons of Woodlev Maglev Levitation Globe

  • Quite difficult to get globe levitated
  • Camouflaged power button
  • Wired charging not in line with its futuristic look

Conclusion On Woodlev Maglev Levitation Globe

The Woodlev globe is an absolute splendour of artwork combined with science and technology to produce the futuristic appearance of gadgets which we could only dream of when watching Sci-Fi movies.

This gadget will be an excellent decoration and can also serve as a cool night lighting effect at your home.

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

What should I do if the globe does not float even after finding the equilibrium spot?

Hold the globe over the equilibrium spot for about 10 seconds without moving. This will trigger an inactive equilibrium spot to start working.

How do I switch off this gadget safely?

To turn off everything, make sure you remove the globe first, then disconnect the globe from the AC socket. This avoids the globe from smashing the base when disconnected.


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