Gnceei Wireless Power Bank 25000mAh Best Review in 2021

Gnceei Wireless Power Bank 25000mAh Best Review in 2021


Are you the type who likes to go camping, going on field trips, travelling or constantly having primary electric source power failures in your locality? Do you feel like your phone’s battery is not just enough to take you along through a complete day? If you think you are in any of these types of earlier stated situations, then you may consider getting a secondary power source like a power bank like the gnceei wireless power bank.

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  • Gnceei Wireless Power Bank In-Depth Review in 2020..

Like I always say when talking about power banks, ”Long gone are the days when our gadgets could take us an entire day without power shortage”. In our world of today, we constantly need to use our devices, I mean, like even for our survival.

You will agree with me that some people have jobs that deal entirely with their PCs or phones which have become really power-hungry these days when it comes to electric consumption. What do these people now do when they run out of battery power and are not in the best-suited place for charging them back up. Well, that’s what we will be finding out today.

Top 8 Reasons to Buy Gnceei Wireless Power Bank

There are so many power banks in the market, and I guess one may be thinking of which to buy and which not buy. Well if you doubted whether you should buy the Gnceei power bank or not, we are going to give you 8 solid reasons why you should buy this power bank.

1 – Design and Appearance

The Gnceei power bank has an extremely beautiful and fashionable look. It has a dark glossy looking plastic LCD very similar to that of a phone (one might think at first sight it is a phone). Its LCD completely covers its front face.

The rest of the Gnceei’s body is red and also made up of plastic. I personally find this mixture of a black screen and a red body really beauty striking and already a good plus to buy this power bank, if you are the type that cares about appearance when it comes to purchasing electronic gadgets.

When the Gnceei power bank is looked at from a top view, 3 USB ports can be seen. Also, when looked at it from its right side, a small power button can be found. On its left side, a micro USB port can be found.

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Gnceei Wireless Power Bank 25000mAh Best Review in 2021

2 – Build Quality

Most consumers will always try to find out how solid the product they are trying to buy is before buying it. Well, if you are that kind of consumer, then know you have found the right product.

Both the Front face and the body of the Gnceei power bank is made up of solid plastic, which can resist physical shocks, and also falls from heights of under 1 meter.

3 – Portability of The Gnceei Wireless Power Bank

As far as the portability aspect is concerned, the Gnceei power bank is just not the best. It has a dimension of 16.7 cm x 8.2 cm x 2.2 cm, giving a total size of 301.27 cm cube. This is a lot of space occupation for a power bank.

Personally, I think due to its immense battery size and sophisticated charging system, the manufacturers could not have done better to reduce its size. Furthermore, you can find out that most power banks (like the Ruipu Q80) which are having 20000 mAh or more battery capacity are just about this dimension.

Since the Gnceei power bank is quite massive for a power bank, the manufacturer’s thought of compensating its size by making it light. It weighs only 363 grams, which is very light for a power bank of this size.

Due to this power bank’s size, it will not be something one would carry around in pocket but can easily be carried around in a purse or small bag barely feeling its weight, since it is light.

4 – Battery of The Gnceei Wireless Power Bank

The main reason for buying a power bank is to recharge our devices and keep us going, and this power bank does just that best.

The battery of the Gnceei power bank is a Lithium-ion battery type, and has a total battery capacity of 25000 mAh.

The 25000 mAh is so much that when this power bank gets a full charge it can in turn charge the iPhone X (with a 2716 mAh battery) about 7 times, the Samsung Galaxy S9 (with a 3500 mAh battery) about 5 times, the Ipad Air (with a 7,340 mAh battery) about 2 times and can charge many other android devices many times, and all that just in a single full charge.

Personally, I think this power bank has been optimised to deliver energy to other devices with a minimal energy loss rate (energy lost during the electric transfer process) because compared to other 24000 and 25000 mAh power banks, it charges phones many more times (showing that it is more efficient), meanwhile it has just a little more, equal or less battery capacity.

However, it is advice-able to charge this power bank to 100 per cent before first use when it is brand new, for it to deliver its optimum charging performance.

5 – Charging System

The charging system of the Gnceei power bank is one of the most modern and sophisticated, and at the same time easy to understand and use.

It has both input and output charging ports as most power banks do. What makes it unique is the fact that it has a wireless charging option, which makes it superior to most other power banks in the market.

Concerning its charge output, the Gnceei power bank has 3 USB Type-C ports, that can deliver a fast charge of up to 5 V and 2.4 A to all the 3 devices it is charging at the same time. This power bank can also support a fourth device simultaneously with its fast wireless charging port. Its wireless charging port can charge a device up to 5 cm away from it, depending on how compatible your device is with this power bank’s wireless charging system.

For the charge input, the Gnceei power bank has a micro USB input, which can support up to 5 V and 2.4 A. This power bank can get a full charge (from 0 % to 100 %) in maximum 10 hours, which is quite much, but understandable for a power bank of with this size.

This power bank uses the charge and discharge mode (as it is the case with many power banks in the market). In charge mode it charges up itself only and does not charge other devices, meanwhile in its discharge mode, it charges only other devices and does not charge itself.

6 – Display

The display of the Gnceei power bank is a Liquid Crystal Display, which shows an accurate level of its battery and also gives an accurate status of its input and outputs. The LCD of this power bank comes on when another device is connected to it, when it is connected to charge up itself or when its power button is pressed. It also has a beautiful font style and colour when it comes on.

Below the LCD, there is the wireless charging port section which shows you where to put your phone to wirelessly charge it.

7 – Security

The Gnceei power bank does not only charge multiple devices quickly and many times, but also charges them safely. This power bank has a polymer battery, which is known as the safest battery to date. This power bank also has a smart technology, which handles multiple device charging and wireless charging, to deliver the optimum energy required for charging.

8 – Sales and Package

The Gnceei power bank costs less than $ 30. After buying this power bank, you will benefit a quick customer service which permits you to solve all your concerns within 24 hours. You also benefit a 24-month high-quality after-sale service. The package includes a micro USB cable, an instruction booklet in many languages (including English) and the Gnceei power bank itself.

I think the fact that this power bank comes with a 24 hours customer service and a 24-month after-sale service is really cool, and it is a sign that you can definitely trust them and rely on them for as long as 2 years.

List of Compatible Wireless Charge Devices

  • iPhone 8/ 8 plus/ 7/ 7 plus/ XS/ XS max/ XR/ X/ 6/ 6S/ 6S Plus/ 5/ 5S/ SE/ 5C/ 4/ 4S
  • iPad 2/ 3/ 4/ mini/ air/ air 2/ Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9+/ S8/ S7/ S7 Edge S6/ S6 Edge S 5/ 4 note 9/ 8/ 5/ 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3/ 4/ 4
  • LG G6 G5 G4 G3 / V10/ Flex 2/ Flex/ Pro Lite
  • HTC 10 One A9/ M9 M8
  • HUAWEI P8/ 9/ 10
  • Mate 9/ 10
  • Google Nexus 5/ 5X 6/ 6P/ 7/9/10 Google pixcel XL
  • Lumia 435 635 550 640/640 XL 650/ 650 Dual SIM 735 830 950XL

What Users May Not Like About The Gnceei Wireless Power Bank

This power bank is quite large in size (301.27 cm cube) compared to many other power banks in the market, and requires a small purse or bag to carry it around.

A consumer may have to give this power bank a full charge before using it when it is brand new.

This power bank may be good at giving fast charges to other devices but will take about 10 hours to charge up itself. This time can be quite long for a user.

Pros and Cons Summary of The Gnceei Wireless Power Bank

For a quick recapitulation of all we have been talking about above, we have put everything in a nice little summary below.


From a critical analysis, the Gnceei wireless power bank has been given an average rating of 7.4/10.


  • Excellent design
  • Great build quality
  • Good enough portability
  • Excellent battery capacity
  • Excellent charging system
  • Great display
  • Good security system
  • Excellent customer service
  • Good weight
  • Great wireless charge compatibility
  • Good wireless charge range


  • A quite large size
  • Quite long self-charging time
  • About 1 – 2 full charges/discharges needed for optimum performance

Conclusion on The Gnceei wireless power bank

If you are looking for a power bank that is easy to understand, to use, to charge many devices quickly, wirelessly at the same time and to get you covered as a secondary power source, then the Gnceei is definitely for you.




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