Ruipu 121 Power Bank 24000mAh Best Review in 2021

Ruipu 121 Power Bank 24000mAh Best Review in 2021


In our world of today where everyone is constantly on the move, people will usually run short of power on their devices. Manufacturers have thought about this and have come along with the solution of using portable power sources such as the Ruipu 121 power bank.

Power banks are essential to constantly keep our devices on for long periods of time. I usually say ”Long gone are the days when our gadgets could take us an entire day without power shortage” when talking about power banks.

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Top 8 Reasons to Buy Ruipu 121 Power Bank

Well, with the multitudes of power banks in the market, you may be asking yourself if you will like to buy this power bank. If that is the case then we can confidently give you 8 solid reasons to stop hesitating.

1 – Design and Appearance

The Ruipu 121 power bank has an Exotic High Tech look. When looked at from the front view, you will see that it has a dark glossy looking plastic LCD which covers at most 1/4 of its front face with the rest of it being a hard plastic case, with a leather-like appearance.

The Ruipu 121 power bank has a similar appearance with the Gnceei wireless power bank since both have a black front face and a red stripe covering the middle of their casings, between their upper face and their lower face.

Personally, I like the appearance of this power bank, mainly because of its red and black colours and its thin appearance.

Compared to many other 24000 mAh power banks in the market (like the Ruipu Q80) this one is particularly thinner than them.

If you are the type that counts physical appearance as one of the factors which let’s you go for your electronics then the appearance of the Ruipu 121 power bank should push you one step forward in buying it.

Other design attributes of this power bank to be noted are its 2 out-charging ports and its 1 in-charging port which can all be found when looked at the power bank from a top view. This power bank also features a power button when looked at from a right-side view.

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Ruipu 121 Power Bank Review

2 – Build Quality

The build quality of the Ruipu 121 power bank is excellent. It is entirely made up of hard plastic which can resist mechanical damage such as falls from heights less than 1 meter.

If you are the kind that worries a lot about the solidness and durability of your gadgets, then you have nothing to worry about with this power bank as far as its build quality is concerned.

3 – Portability of The Ruipu 121 Power Bank

In the portability domain, the Ruipu 121 emerges above many other 24000 mAh power banks in the market.

Though this power bank is made up of a massive 24000 mAh capacity battery with about 8 cells in it, it has a small dimension of 16 cm x 8.1 cm x 1.5 cm giving an approximate size of 194.4 cm cube.

The Ruipu 121 weighs over 363 grams, which for me is very light for a power bank of this size and storage capacity. Personally, I think it is the manufacturers trying to compensate this power bank’s massive size with a lightweight, which is very good.

Well, as compared to other power banks, the portability of this power bank is good but absolutely not the best to carry around in your pocket or in your hand since it is just about the length of a small purse or bag.

4 – Battery of the Ruipu 121 Power Bank

At crucial moments such as during massive power failures, after storms or even during long journeys, we need to constantly keep our devices on, and that is what the Ruipu 121 power bank does best.

This power bank has a massive Lithium Metal battery with a total capacity of 24000 mAh. With this power bank’s 24000 mAh battery, on a single full charge, it can, in turn, deliver a 5-time full charge to an iPhone 10 (with a 2716 mAh battery) and at least 2-time full charge to an Ipad Air (with a 7,340 mAh battery).

Mathematically, this power bank has about 10 times the size of an Iphone’s battery. So, the question you might be asking yourself is why it can only charge the iPhone about 5 times. Well, the answer is, there is some power loss during the energy transfer process from the power bank to the phone due to the total internal resistance of the materials transferring the energy.

This energy loss can be witnessed in the form of heat (reason why our devices heat up when charged). Some power banks are greatly optimised against this energy loss and therefore give a higher number of charges to devices before getting empty.

I personally think the Ruipu 121 power bank is not well optimised against this total internal resistance and therefore does not give as many charges as a 24000 mAh battery should give.

5 – Charging System

The Ruipu 121 power bank has a simple but sophisticated charging system. It has 1 input charging port and 2 output charging ports.

Concerning its output charge, the Ruipu 121 power bank has 2 USB Type-C ports, which auto-detect your device’s fastest charging capability and deliver a fast charge of up to 5 V and 2.4 A simultaneously to all devices connected to it.

Concerning this power bank’s charge input, it has a micro USB input, which can support up to 5 V and 2.4 A. The Ruipu 121 gets a full charge in about 10 to 11 hours which is quite a lot.

However, it is recommended to charge it up with a 5 V and 2.4 A charger to get the power bank charged up in less time (less than or equal to 9 hours).

You should take note that this power bank has 2 charging states. It either charges up itself or charges up other devices. You should not connect it to charge up itself and other devices at the same time.

6 – Display

The Ruipu 121 power bank uses a Liquid Crystal Display. Its LCD accurately provides information on its charge level, input and outputs status.

You can trigger the LCD to activate either when you connect a device to it, when you connect it to charge itself or when you press the power button found on its right flank.

I personally find the font style and font colour of this power bank’s display very nice and presentable, since it is big and easy to read. But I find the brightness of the display being dimly lit.

7 – Security

The manufacturers of the Ruipu 121 power bank did not only ensure that it gives an abundance of energy but also gives that energy safely.

This power bank provides a series of protection measures such as;

  • Input over-voltage protection and output over-voltage protection.
  • Over-charge and over-discharge protection.
  • Output current protection and short circuit protection.

8 – Sales and Package

The Ruipu 121 is very affordable, with a price under $ 30. After purchase, you will get a 2-year quality after-sales and friendly customer service.

The sales package includes the power bank, a micro USB cable, and a user manual.

What Users May Not Like About The Ruipu 121 Power Bank

For a 24000 mAh power bank, the Ruipu 121 is super light. However, some of you may find it quite large to carry around.

The display brightness of the Ruipu’s LCD is not the best and makes it difficult to read the LCD in daylight or under a bright light source.

The energy lost during the energy transfer process from the power bank to a target device is high, hence the number of times it can charge a device is highly reduced.

Sometimes you need to charge the device up to 100 per cent and discharge it a number of times for it to reach its optimum performance.

Pros and Cons Summary of The Ruipu 121 Power Bank

Well, we have been talking a lot, and it is time for us to wrap this up. But before we get to close this review I will like us to have a quick recapitulation of all what we have been saying.


From a critical analysis, we have given an average rating of 8.1/10 to the Ruipu 121 power bank.


  • Excellent design
  • Excellent build quality
  • Good portability
  • Excellent battery capacity
  • Excellent charging system
  • Good display
  • Excellent security system
  • Excellent customer service


  • Dim display
  • High total internal resistance
  • 1 – 3 full charges/discharges to get optimum performance

Conclusion Ruipu 121 Power Bank

The Ruipu power bank is an abundant source of portable energy which will have your back covered any time there is a lack of power around you.

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

  1. Why is my Ruipu power bank not charging?

    Sometimes after purchasing this power bank, you may discover that it does not work at its optimum performance. However, the manufacturers advise you to charge it up to 100 per cent and discharge it about 3 times to eliminate its discharge anxiety. If after charging and discharging, it still malfunctions then it is time you make good use of your 24 months after-sale service.

  2. Is the Ruipu power bank battery Lithium or Nickel?

    This power bank has a Lithium Metal Battery.

  3. Is the Ruipu power bank made in the USA?

    No, this battery is made in China.

  4. Can my Ruipu power bank charge devices while being charged?

    No, you should avoid doing this. You should either charge other devices or charge your power bank. Absolutely not the 2 at the same time.




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