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Ruipu Q80 Power Bank 24000mAh Best Review in 2021

Ruipu Q80 Power Bank 24000mAh Best Review in 2021


Our electronic gadgets of today are becoming more and more power-hungry and at the same time, their batteries are becoming less efficient. Long gone are the days when a 2000 – 3000 mAh batteries will be sufficient for usage for an entire day. Today gadgets like phones and PCs will crush that in about an hour or two.

So what do you do if you are going for some camping, travelling long distances or if natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes hurricanes or tsunamis destroy the main source of electricity in your locality?

Well, an alternative method for charging our devices will be a power bank like the Ruipu Q80 power bank, which is a very convenient, portable and efficient method of keeping our electronic gadgets operational, but sadly not exploited by most people.

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Top 8 Reasons to Buy Ruipu Q80 Power Bank

With the multitudes of power banks in the market, one may be thinking ”Which one should I buy?” If you came here because you are thinking that way, then, you have landed in the real place. We are going to give you 8 solid undeniable reasons why you should buy the Ruipu power bank in 2020.

1 – Design and Appearance

The Ruipu Q80 power bank looks very appealing to the eyes. It has a white plastic cover, with a leather-like appearance.

On the front of this power bank, there is a digital screen featuring a blue font and a black background for display. Also when the Ruipu Q80 power bank is looked at from a front view, a button can be found on the right side and a small LED flashlight on the left side.

2 – Build Quality

Solidness and longevity count a lot when it comes to electronic gadgets and their consumers, and that is just what the Ruipu Q80 power bank provides with its solid plastic cover. This plastic casing can withstand solid shocks against it, and can also withstand falling to the ground from heights less than 1 meter.

3 – Portability of The Ruipu Q80 Power Bank

When it comes to portability, personally, on a scale of 1 to 10 I will give the Ruipu Q80 power bank a 7, because it measures 16 cm x 7.7 cm x 2.2 cm, giving a total size of 271.04 cm cube. This size is quite much for a power bank (about the size of a big purse), and will require one to carry an adequate purse or bag to carry it along all the time.

Added to its size, it has a weight of about 500 grams, which is not really something anyone will like to carry around in their pocket. But it should be noted that this power bank has an incredibly massive battery size (many cells put into one), and due to this battery size, it is but normal for it to be bigger and weigh a little more than other power banks in the market.

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Ruipu Q80 Power Bank 24000mAh Best Review in 2021

4 – Battery

The Lithium battery of the Ruipu Q80 is probably the main reason why many people buy this power bank. Its battery has an incredible total capacity of 24000 mAh.

To give an idea of what this monstrous capacity is, we can compare it to an average smartphone’s battery. the average smartphone with a great battery will have about 5000 mAh. If we divide 24000 by 5000, we get 4.8, which is mathematically the number of times which this power bank could charge a phone. Given that some energy is lost as heat during the transfer process from the power bank to the phone, I just considered the whole number and dropped the fraction (removing the 0.8 and leaving only 4).

Which means this power bank can fully charge a phone of 5000 mAh like the Huawei Mate 10 at least 4 good times, or even a phone like the Outkitel K8000 at least 2 good times and even a PC like the chrome book at least 1 time (considering the energy lost during transfer from the power bank to the target device), which just makes this power bank really incredible, I mean, there are not many power banks that can give an 8000 mAh phone like the Outkitel K8000 one full charge.

Some times the battery of this power bank, when it is brand new can take a couple of complete charges and discharges (about 2 or 3 but maximum 5) to reach its optimum battery capacity.

5 – Charging System

The charging system of the Ruipu Q80 is very sophisticated. It has both input and output charging outlets, like most power banks, but what differentiates it from other power banks is that it has 4 output charging ports and 2 input charging ports.

The output charging ports are all USB-C and can give a total of 5 V at 2.1 A (the manufacturer says the maximum of ports 1 and 2, or ports 3 and 4 is always going to be less than or equals to 2.1 A).

For the input charging ports, there are 2 options. There is a micro USB and a lightening charging port also charging at 5 V and 2.1 A.

The fact that these charging ports are many is really a great advantage because many devices (up to 4) can charge at a time, but what is even more exceptional is the fact that these ports are fast charging ports being capable of charging a 5000 mAh battery in about an hour, with their high voltage and amperage capabilities, so you may want to buy this power bank if your device supports fast charging.

As other power banks, the Ruipu Q80 works either in charge or in discharge mode. When it is in discharge mode it sends current from itself to other devices, when it is in discharge mode, it receives current to itself. It takes about 5 to 6 hours to completely charge up itself, which is a very long time, but is understandable since it has a large battery capacity.

6 – Display

The Ruipu Q80 uses a screen to digitally display its battery level, the amperage and voltage amount. The screen automatically comes on when a device is connected to this power bank, but can also come on when the power button is pressed, or when it is connected to charge up itself. Aside from putting on the screen, the power button also puts on the LED when pressed twice (this light can come in very handy in case of an emergency situation).

7 – Protection and Security

Charging devices is not all about charging them quickly but also charging them safely. The Ruipu Q80 does just that, by providing various kind of security measures, for both charging other devices and itself.

The Ruipu Q80 has an overcharge protection, an over-discharge protection, an input over-voltage protection, an output over-voltage protection, an input current protection, an output current protection and a short circuit protection.

8 – Sales and Package

In the package of a brand new Ruipu Q80 a consumer will find one 30 cm long micro USB cable, 1 user manual, a 24 month after-sale attestation, a friendly customer service, and a super affordable price being under $ 30. I think the most important thing in this package is the 24 month after-sales service, which is really important cause a customer can have up to 2 years of support after buying this product, which also means the manufacturer of this product is pretty sure about their product.

What Users May Not Like About The Ruipu Q80 Power Bank

The Ruipu Q80 is a fantastic power bank with a lot of great specs, but like all electronic gadgets it has some lacking in some areas which can be improved.

This power bank has a quite large size (271.04 cm cube) compared to other power banks in the market, and will require at least a small purse to carry it around.

The weight of this power bank is quite much (500 g), of which makes it not very portable.

When this power bank is brand new, it does not function at its optimum capacity until after a number of full charges and a number of full discharges.

This power bank charges other devices fast but takes a lot of time to charge up itself.

Pros and Cons Summary of The Ruipu Q80 Power Bank

To make all the above information easy to understand, we are going to put it in a nice summary below.


From critical analysis, the Ruipu Q10 has been given an average rating of 7.9/10.


  • Excellent design
  • Good build quality
  • Good enough portability
  • An Excellent battery capacity
  • Quite Excellent charging system
  • An Excellent display
  • Excellent security system
  • Excellent customer service


  • A quite large size
  • Quite heavy weight
  • Quite long self charging time
  • About 2 – 3 full charges/discharges needed to work at optimum

Conclusion on the Ruipu Q80 Power Bank

If you are looking for a power bank that is easy to understand, to use, to charge many devices quickly, to charge many devices at the same time and to get you covered as a secondary power source throughout a long journey or primary power failure, then the Ruipu Q80 power bank is definitely the power bank you should buy.

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