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Senders Floating Globe: C Shape Magnetic Levitation Globe

Senders Floating Globe


Technology has brought us a plethora of gadgets most of which have brought us a good deal of convenience and made our everyday life look cooler and feel better. However, in this sea of tech, we only need the best regardless of the category hence comparisons between tech showing up everywhere.

Knowing that someone must have had an experience with tech in order to criticize it, We at TERRA-X have put together some reviews for certain gadgets so you don’t have to learn things the hard way. So join me as I give a full overview of the Senders Floating C shaped Globe.


The Senders Floating C shaped Globe is in fact one the many maglev inspired gadgets around. If you wish to know about Magnetic Levitation feel free to check it out here.

1 – Design and Appearance

The product mainly comprises of a globe and a stand. However, there’s something more unique and obvious about the stand other than the fact that it helps the globe to float, that feature is its C shape. The edges of the stand contain magnets which work with the magnets in the globe to keep the globe afloat.

The 3inch globe contains all countries and the continents in which they can be located. Sadly, it doesn’t contain cities and towns so unfortunately you can’t savor the pleasure of pinpointing your house on it.

Video Source: Ben Koorengevel
Senders Floating Globe

2 – Build Quality of The Senders Floating Globe

As with a plethora of the gadgets we portray on Terra-X, its build quality is impressive to say the least. Keeping the all so cool Maglev tech aside, the globe’s design is convenient the colors used don’t overlap each other so you can easily and conveniently see the names of the various countries and continents.

The stand equally rocks a cool black shade and features 4 different colors of LED lights which could double down as a night light, a very cool night light.

3 – Dimensions and Weight

The globe is 3 inches in diameter with the entire product’s dimensions being 8.9 x 7.9 x 4.4 inches and weighing approximately 0.41 kg.

4 – Power Supply System

The magnetic system which allows the globe to float is electrically controlled and hence the stand must be connected to a power source in order to realize your dream of seeing a floating globe. The adapter used for this gadget receives a DC of 12V and an AC of 100mA.

Sales and Packaging

The senders is sold on many e-commerce companies such as Amazon for an asking price of about 29.99 USD and the components contained in the package are as follows:

  • 1x C shape frame.
  • 1x 3inches globe.
  • 1x 12V, 100 mA adapter.
  • 1x User manual.
Image Source: Shopee
Senders Floating Globe

Getting Started With The Senders Floating Globe

More often than not, people don’t get things done perfectly on their first try so if you can’t get it up and running on your first go just try again it’ll work out eventually patience is a virtue you know.

Senders Floating Globe C Shape
Image Source: Wish
Senders Floating Globe

Time Needed : 20 minutes

Now without further ado, let’s get a step by step rundown of how you can get your globe floating the right and sensible way no Voodoo experience required.

  1. Connection

    Connect the stand to a power source and hold the globe keeping it upright and balanced in the top center of the stand.

  2. Estimation

    Put the globe about 1.5 cm from the top then you’ll feel a strong pulling force to support it.

  3. Levitation

    Move your hands slowly to let it float.

  4. Rotation

    Stir the bottom of the globe gently to make it spin slowly.

What users may not like About Senders Floating Globe

As Nalo Hopkinson said “Beauty and ingenuity beat perfection every time”. Despite this inspiring and wonderful quote, as customers we must be critics to avoid having product whose imperfections seem intolerable. Here are some of those complaints below.

  • Some customers were not satisfied with the most plastic composition. Its plastic composition doesn’t go without justification though as it makes it lighter and more portable.
  • The wired sector takes some of the coolness factors off even though we already know the reason behind it.

Overall About Senders Floating Globe

From all that has been discussed, this product receives a 7.6/10 rating. The reason will probably be clearer in the overview of the pros and cons below.


  • Cool design that will beautify any home.
  • Very portable.
  • Can serve as a night light.


  • The globe is not well detailed owing to its small size.
  • Provides additional electricity consumption though small.
  • Given there’s information on all sides of the globe, the top can’t be seen due to it being too close to the stand.

Conclusion On About Senders Floating Globe

The Woodlev globe is an absolute splendour of artwork combined with science and technology to produce the futuristic appearance of gadgets which we could only dream of when watching Sci-Fi movies.

This gadget will be an excellent decoration and can also serve as a cool night lighting effect at your home.

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

  1. What should I do if the globe does not float even after finding the equilibrium spot?

    Hold the globe under the equilibrium spot for about 10 seconds without moving. This will trigger an inactive equilibrium spot to start working.

  2. How do I switch off this gadget safely?

    To turn off everything, make sure you remove the globe first, then disconnect the globe from the AC socket. This avoids the globe from smashing the base when disconnected.


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