LYFE Flower Pot Review [Magnetic Levitation]

Maglev LYFE Flower Pot Review


Plants, tools of beauty for the earth. The very core of mother nature. It needs to be treated with the utmost care. Mankind has constantly developed ways to ensure plants have the best of treatments. One of such green creations has FLYTE to thank for its origin. Below is a full review for the LYFE, a levitating plant planter.

  • Maglev LYFE Flower Pot Review
  • Maglev LYFE Flower Pot Review


On the Surface, it pretty much looks like a levitating plant planter. Its innards however are reasons to adopt a different view. It levitates with the use of Magnetic levitation.

1 – Design

With a glut of different gadgets and creations which serve a similar purpose how does the LYFE stand out? We’ve put together the key features that makes it unique amongst its peers:

  • It comes in 2 compartments, the base and the planter itself.
  • The base is made of Oak which houses the magnets that enable it to be a support for levitation.
  • The planter is made from silicon allowing easy grip and is very tactile. It also has magnets at its bottom to assist in levitation.

2 – Build Quality of The LYFE Flower Pot Review

As highlighted earlier, the LYFE is definitely not just a levitating flower planter.

  • Its use of magnetics provides a magnetic field that is without a doubt useful to your plants as per a study carried out in 2018
  • It boasts of a cool drainage system which stores the excess water in a little built-in reservoir.
  • The planter rotates as it levitates allowing 360-degree exposure to sunlight for the plants.
  • The LYFE does not need soil as a medium for plant nourishment.
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LYFE Flower Pot Review

3 – Dimensions and Weight

The base is 6 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick and weighs in at 1.3 KG. The planter is 3.1 inches wide and 3.9 inches high and weighs in at 0.24KG.

4 – Power Supply System

Its ability to levitate not only relies on magnets, it equally needs electricity to work. The electric adapter for the LYFE has as input: 100-240V, 50/60hz. And as output: 15V 1A.

5 – Sales And Packaging

The LYFE sells on Amazon for $248 .42 and on FLYTE for $299 with each package containing the following:

  • 1 planter.
  • 1 base.
  • 1 user manual.
  • 1 adapter.

Getting Started With The LYFE Flower Pot Review

Time needed: 15 minutes

Sometimes even the easiest of tasks can’t be completed due to inaccurate guidance don’t be disappointed if you can’t get it right in your first try. On that note here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up the LYFE.

  1. Plant and Pot

    Fit your plant in the planter.

  2. Power Supply

    Connect the base to the power supply.

  3. Levitation

    Hold the planter (already containing the plant) around 0.5 inches over the base.

  4. Adjustment

    Raise the planter upwards slowly until you can feel a pull force then gently release.

Image Source: Kickstarter
Maglev LYFE Flower Pot Review

Things Users May Not Like About The LYFE Flower Pot Review

In the scale of things, there exists good in bad and bad in good meaning there is nothing 100% appealing to everyone. We’ve assembled a list of the not-so-appealing side of the LYFE according to some users:

  • It doesn’t spin 360 degrees naturally, need a touch every now and then.
  • The wired set up though vital for the levitation process, takes away a bit of the cool factor.
  • Only tiny plants can fit in.


From the information above, the LYFE receives an 7.4/10 rating properly simplified in a pro/con summary below.

Pros of The LYFE Flower Pot

  • Perfect design to serve as a decoration for your home or office.
  • The magnetic fields have a nutritive effect on the plants.

Cons of The LYFE Flower Pot

  • Only tiny plants can fit in it.
  • Consumes electricity though small.


The LYFE Flower Pot is an absolute splendour of artwork combined with science and technology to produce the futuristic appearance of a gadget which we could only dream of when watching Sci-Fi movies.

This gadget will be an excellent decoration and can also serve as a cool flower pot in your home or Green House.

Maglev LYFE Flower Pot Review
Image Source: Kickstarter
Maglev LYFE Flower Pot Review

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions personally answered by FLYTE.

How high does it float empty?

When it’s empty, it levitates 2cm.

Is it Europe plug electricity voltage?

Your multi adapter comes with four different plugs including one for the EU plug.

Does it work with 220 volts?

Yes it does, it has a multi adapter that works globally.

What is the warranty for this product?

All our products have a one-year warranty in the US and all non-EU territories.


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