NovelAI Image Generator Pricing and Subscription Bundles

NovelAI Image Generator

NovelAI Image Generator


In the ever-evolving landscape of AI-driven creativity, NovelAI stands out with its dual offering – an AI story writer and an AI Image Generator for anime images. In this guide, we delve into the intricacies of NovelAI’s Image Generation, exploring subscription plans, the absence of free trials, and the promising future developments on the horizon.

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NovelAI Image Generator

Understanding NovelAI Image Generator Components

NovelAI boasts two powerful components: the AI story writer and the AI Image Generator. While the story writer offers a tantalizing free trial, the Image Generator, unfortunately, does not extend the same courtesy. Subscribers must commit to a minimum $10/mo subscription to unlock the artistic potential of the Image Generator.

The NovelAI Image Generator Dilemma

No Free Trial, But a Glimmer of Hope

Regrettably, at present, NovelAI Image Generation lacks a free trial. However, whispers of change are in the air, with the NovelAI team hinting at the inclusion of a trial feature in 2023. The anticipation for a trial option reflects user concerns, especially from those solely interested in the Image Generation feature.

Also, NovelAI can be installed offline and used for free, check out our tutorial on how to do that here. The only problem with this is that you need a beefed-up PC to run it locally, so still requires you to spend quite a lot.

Bundled Subscription: A Turn-off for Some

A significant drawback lies in the bundled subscription, combining the Image Generation and Story Writer features. This approach may deter users from solely seeking image creation, deeming it an unnecessary expense for unused writing features. The NovelAI team has acknowledged this concern and plans to address it with a trial for image generation in the coming year.

Gift Keys: A Gesture of Generosity

Decoding the NovelAI Image Generator Gift Key

A standout feature in NovelAI’s ecosystem is the Gift Key. This unique key allows users to gift a subscription month to others without requiring an active subscription themselves. The unpredictability of Streamer giveaways adds an element of excitement to obtaining Gift Keys, which can be purchased using a credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

How to Acquire a NovelAI Image Generator Gift Key

Time Needed : 00 hours 05 minutes

With the following steps, we are going to show you how to acquire a gift key for NovelAI, in less than 5 minutes.

  1. Step 1: Accessing Settings: Click on the Gear Icon

    Click on the Gear icon.

  2. Step 2: Account Information: Navigate to the “Account” Tab

    Navigate to the “Account” tab.

  3. Step 3: Obtaining a New Gift Key: Scroll Down and Click “Purchase New Gift Key”

    Scroll down and click “Purchase New Gift Key.”

Upon purchase, recipients can redeem the code, gaining access to plans identical to those available for personal subscriptions.

NovelAI Image Generator Subscription Plans

NovelAI offers three subscription plans, each catering to different needs, as shown in the table below:

Tablet: $10/monthUnlimited text generation.
AI memory of 4096 characters (~500 words).
1000 Anlas for art generation (~200 images).
Scroll: $15/monthUnlimited text generation.
AI memory expanded to 8192 characters (~1000 words).
1000 Anlas for art generations (~200 images).
Opus: $25/monthUtilizes a superior AI storyteller model.
Unlimited text generation.
AI memory of 8192 characters (~1000 words).
10,000 Anlas for art generations (~2000 images).
Summary Table for NovelAI Image Generator Pricing and Subscription Bundles

Notably, normal image generations under the Opus plan do not consume Anlas, providing virtually limitless creative freedom.

Why We Recommend the Opus Plan

The Opus plan emerges as the optimal choice for enthusiasts planning to extensively use the Image Generation feature. The advanced AI storyteller model and the generous 10,000 Anlas allocation set it apart.

An Inside Perspective

Upon exploration, it’s evident that even familiarizing oneself with the software and experimenting with features consumes around 500 Anlas, half of the limit on lower-tier plans. In stark contrast, Opus plan users enjoy unlimited normal-resolution generations without depleting their Anlas.

NovelAI Image Generator VS Niji Journey

In comparing NovelAI to Niji Journey, both platforms offer similarly priced plans with infinite generations. The differentiating factor lies in their distinctive art styles. Dive into our guides to NovelAI prompting and Niji Journey prompts to discover which art style resonates with you.


In conclusion, NovelAI’s Image Generation is a powerful tool for crafting anime-style images and stories. While challenges like the absence of free trials persist, the future promises exciting developments. Embrace the flexibility of subscription plans, consider the Opus plan for unlimited creativity, and explore the unique realm of NovelAI’s artistic possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

  1. Is there a free trial for NovelAIAI Image Generation?

    At the moment, there is no free trial for NovelAIAI Image Generation. The NovelAI team plans to introduce this feature in 2023, responding to user requests for a trial option.

  2. Can I purchase the Image Generation feature separately, without the Story Writer?

    Unfortunately, NovelAI currently offers Image Generation and Story Writer as a bundled deal. Users seeking only Image Generation express concerns about committing to a subscription that includes features they might not use.

  3. What is a NovelAIAI Gift Key, and how can I get one?

    A Gift Key allows users to gift someone else a subscription per month. It can be purchased without an active subscription and is obtainable through a credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Streamers occasionally give out NovelAI Gift Keys during their streams, adding an element of unpredictability to acquiring them.

  4. Why does the Opus plan stand out for Image Generation?

    The Opus plan is recommended for heavy users of the Image Generation feature due to its superior AI storyteller model and a generous 10,000 Anlas allocation. Users on the Opus plan enjoy normal-resolution generations without consuming Anlas, providing virtually unlimited creative freedom.


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